About Us

As an advanced machinery R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and technical service provider in the packaging industry, Jammed aims to create convenient, high-quality intelligent automation equipment for users.

We provide global customers with a wide range of primary and secondary packaging solutions to meet various types of production and budget needs. Whether it is traditional mechanical structure or convenient robot application, our technology can be competent.

In the past operations, we have delivered multiple sets of packaging solutions for various applications in different industries worldwide. And through unremitting efforts, adhere to the principle of good faith, and produce excellent quality products, Jia Meide has established a lasting cooperative relationship with customers.

From on-site demonstration of packaging solutions, layout design of production lines, production and testing of equipment, to factory acceptance, installation and after-sales technical support, our service reflects professionalism and responsibility throughout the process, escorting your investment-this is Our unique "Jammed Service". .

Our design is simple, the operation is simpler, the cleaning is more convenient, and the maintenance is faster.
As a machine manufacturer with ingenuity, we are proud of every screw and nut.
We are proud of providing complete system integration solutions.
The focus of our service is to help your machine run effectively for a long time.