Automatic packaging production line


The wide variety of products and single small batch production made many production lines in this

period close to the edge of their economic affordability. why? Because the complex conversion 

process increasingly takes up valuable production time.

We can do it for you. Because the system realizes product replacement on the production line in 

the most efficient way. How to do it? The basic process is automatically completed through 

modular design, and the modification process is perfectly integrated into the overall production 



Whether you are looking for a standard stand-alone machine, a complex system or a customized 

solution, we can provide tailor-made processing and packaging equipment. We provide complete 

planning and project management, from production line design and engineering to installation and 

maintenance, and will provide you with support. No matter what your goals are, we are eager to 

help you achieve them.

JAMMED can help you solve production problems and save your money.

Welcome to contact us to provide you with a solution.