Robot palletizer

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          The special advantage of robots used in the packaging and palletizing field is high speed and flexibility. In addition to packing and unpacking tasks, the robot can also complete the

          packing and palletizing of a single piece, a whole row or a whole layer. The robot has a wide selection of fixtures and multi-function tools, suitable for any situation. The robot 

          has a large radius of activity, so the working surface is also larger, achieving the highest efficiency for packing and palletizing operations.

        Your advantage

       The space requirement is small, the robot structure is compact, and the flexibility is high. It can work in a small area and a low-roof factory building.

       The moving process is accurate and non-destructive to the product. The servo motor and the RV reducer are the guarantee for the robot to complete the movement accurately 

       and quickly without damaging the product.

      The robot can be equipped with a variety of different fixtures, and you can customize them according to the product and combine them into your special robot application, which can 

      100% meet your production needs.


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