Gantry palletizer


A palletizer dedicated to the packaging industry, modular fixtures are designed to pick and place single or multiple boxes, including entire rows and layers of pallets, 

effectively depending on the pallet configuration and speed requirements. The modulardesign of the palletizer can be applied to semi-automatic or fully automatic 

operation. The loading height can be high or low to allow connection to any existing conveyor.

The products are sorted line by line on the infeed conveyor belt, and then transferred tothe loading plate by pneumatic push rods. After the first layer is completed, 

the loading plate will find the correct height and move it out of the tray to adjust to the correct height. All movements of the loading platform are driven by motors. 

The palletizer can be equipped with a pallet library and a pallet unloading conveyor. The machine is easily adapted to the existing factory layout, as the pallet storage, 

infeed and outfeed conveyors can be placed in several different locations.


The machine can be equipped with different types of lifting tools, including vacuumsuction cups, clamps/clamps and/or lifting plates, so it can handle most products.

 The gantry robot is flexible and can be equipped with automatic pallet handling. In addition, because the pallet library and the infeed/outfeed conveyor can be 

placed in many different locations, the machine can be easily installed into the existing factory layout.

A variety of multi-function fixtures are suitable for destacking and stacking. The machine has a small footprint and low application cost. It is a special machine with 

rich functions and simple operation. It achieves the lowest return on investment for packaging and palletizing operations.

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